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Practicing And Good Habits

Hector Merced (1816) · [archive]
Style: Basics · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 120
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Ok, you can learn all you want in the world, but if you learn it with bad habits, and improper practice, you'll never reach your maximum potential, if you want to do things wrong or experiment fine, but first get the basics and good habits down, that way later you don't complain.

Time Of Practice:

I usally try to clock 10 hours of practice a week at least, but I'm in high school iwith no social life so I know not everybody can do the same amount of time, at least get 20 minutes of playing a day.


Sit upright in a chair, don't slouch please. Feet on the floor and keep the neck of the guitar upward. good posture not only improves playing but is also help keep a healthy spine so you don't have to have early ending career.

Pace Yourself:

Don't go and brisk thorugh exercises cause you were able to do one half-assed attempt, even if it takes up the whole days practice, practice a exercise till you got it perfect, eventually cause of this discipline you'll develop a lot of technique and do them much faster. Many people rush through cause they want to play catchy melodies and they're favorite songs, if you not going to do this right don't do it at all.

As for a guitar in particular, here's a good way to advance each week. Take some time out of practice to plan you lessons out, after you've done the basics you should create your own lessons for practice.

Learn 1 new chord a week, and how it was constructed

Apply that chord in a progression

Learn a scale associated with that chord

That should be one weeks worth of practice, after learning the basics, it shouldn't be to hard to do, as for how chords are constructed, basic constrution is covered in my beginners theory lesson, and for special chords like 7th and suspended chords, WholeTone has chart that shows construction somehwere. And I'll create lessons later on basic progression creation. But if you can at least pull that off each week, in a year or two you'll be playing like a pro, and throw in some theory in their, you'll be mighty mouse of guitars.