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Some SRV Like Playin'

Arthur Steinmann (91) · [archive]
Style: Blues · Level: Advanced · Tempo: 150
Pages: 1

Hi all of you folks, and welcome to my very first lesson.
I have recently joined this community and am very fascinated about the whole thing. My first lesson deals with some SRV like playing. I created this piece of a while ago. The key is in E and the groove is a typical SRV shuffle. This sequence is somehow a mix between Scuttle Buttin' and Pride And Joy.

It starts with a shuffle where you play alternating bass notes and notes on the higher strings. Some people with bigger hands could play those figures by fretting the E Major chord and using the pinky for the bass notes. My hand's size is between small and average, so I'm muting all strings not played with my index finger and hit only the bass string which should be heard. This way I can strum the "broken" chord without "thinking" about what my right hand is doing. Then I can concentrate on the groove and feel, which is maybe the most important thing here.

Try it out, it really grooves, it's not as hard as it looks like. You maybe want to tune your guitar down half a step (from E to Eb). I think, one get a richer warmer tone and somehow its not so hard bending some notes. Later you could try to increase the speed step by step. Tell me what you think. Have fun...
Some SRV Like Playin'
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