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Shredding 101

Jake Lizzio (985) · [archive]
Style: Metal · Level: Advanced · Tempo: 170
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Welcome to my underground lesson!

This lesson is here to teach you how to impress all of your friends, using different scale patterns, runs and arpeggios. We teenagers think that speed is everything!

Lets start off with everyone's favorite scale, the Harmonic Minor. My favorite key to play the harmonic minor in is A, because its in a comfortable spot. The harmonic minor is basically a natural minor scale with the 7th note raised 1/2 step. Telling that to your friends won't impress them, so heres how to play it
A Harmonic Minor

Practice this scale untill your fingers bleed! The only way to get good is to practice! You'll notice that there are some large stretches here, practicing will eliminate the pain of those stretches.

In order to rip through this scale as fast as possible, you must learn to speed pick. Speed picking is also known as economy picking. To speed pick/economy pick, you must first know what downpicks and uppicks are. A down pick is when you hit the string while your pick is moving DOWN, towards the ground. An UPpick is when you hit the string while your pick is moving UP, towards your face.
  • When going up the scale, from lowest note to highest note, pick using this pattern: D,U,D,D,U,D,D,U,D,D,U,D,D,U,D,D,U,D.
  • Then to DECEND DOWN the scale, play it like this - U,D,U,U,D,U,U,D,U,U,D,U,U,D,U,U,D,U.
This style of picking enables you to go as fast as you like. Now at first, it will take a while to develop ANY speed, but remember to PRACTICE.

Once you have the Harmonic Minor scale under your fingers, try to break away from the economy picking pattern and do a little bit different of a pattern, such as the sequence below shows. This may sound impossible to play. It did to me when I first started playing. The key is to know your scale like the back of your hand. When your left hand doesn't have to think about where its going next, only then can you really attain Yngwie'ish speed.
Shredding 101
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Jon Sommer (1643) wrote:
Jan 17 2013
Great lesson, thanks.

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