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Key Centers And Common Tones -- Part 2

Steve Cass (14763) · [archive]
Style: Theory/Reference · Level: Intermediate · Tempo: 120
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This is the nineteenth lesson in the Playbook for the Beginner and Beyond series and the Part 2 of the Key Centers and Common Tones lesson. For a list of all the lessons in this series, click on the link above, or search for lessons under my name.

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In Part 1 we learned how to create four-note chords from harmonizing the major scales. Using notation we built scales starting from the root and adding a third (C E G B, creating a Cmaj7).

Let's Get 2 It
In Part 2 we present the finished Key Center chord scale chart and will discuss Key Center discoveries and talk briefly about what's to come in Part 3.

Open Part 1 so you can have access to the previous info as well as the scales that were created. You will also want to have any of the chord scale charts that you created from that lesson as well.