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The Jazzy Christmas Tree

Jeff Kirby (4886) · [archive]
Style: Theory/Reference · Level: Intermediate · Tempo: 120
Pages: 1

Okay, here it is!

I intro with a little IM7 iim7 iiim7 iim7, nothing spectacular, nice and simple. Then, I essentially use that same structure for the first part of the melody. I added the Bbmin6 because it sounds sooooo good. See, I use my ear for the most part.

I am not going to pretend that I used too much theory here. I stayed with chords in the key of F for the most part. However, starting with measure 13, I knew I wanted to use the C of the melody line as the 9th in whatever chord I was going to use there, thus the BbMaj7(9) It's something I commonly see in Bossa Nova, very lounge sounding. From there, I go into the C7 / Amin7 / D7-Gmin7 just following the melody very basically. I didn't want to hang the song in the lounge feeling very long. Then, right back to the beginning for the end!

I guess one thing I might say is that I am a good example of how just a little theory and a good ear can really help with composition. For those of you just starting, don't be scared away by the very in depth posts that you see regarding harmonization and theory...you will get to that point! I am a novice compared to some but I give it a try and attempt to use what I know. Always, in the end, counting on my ear to lead me to something that sounds good! I suggest looping once and using the Ac Nylon for sound.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!!!
The Jazzy Christmas Tree