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How To Practice Effectively Part One

Stephen Lindsay (442) · [archive]
Style: Theory/Reference · Level: Intermediate · Tempo: 120
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My objective is that:

After reading this you will take at least one idea and apply it to your own guitar practice routine.


Before we get there I want to introduce some definitions so that we have a common language by which to describe and understand this material.

Aim and Objectives

We often talk about aims or goals and objectives as if they are the same things, but we need to have common definitions:


Heres an example of an aim:

Text Box: The website


Does it meet this aim? You might be asking yourself:

How do the owners of the website assess that they are meeting the mission statement?

What is meant by "higher level"

How do we judge if it meets these aims?

If you are asking questions like this then you are most likely to be considering objectives rather than aims.

Objectives are more specific than aims. They have the same intention as the goal, and are derived from it. However objectives are more focussed, quantifiable and verifiable than the goal.

Heres an example of an objective:

Text Box:

With this objective we can start to be more specific about trying to gauge if it has been achieved or it has not. This is an important feature of objectives. If the objective does not guide you towards what you are trying to deliver then it will hinder rather than help you. The key points to note in this objective are:

1. building (what)

2. a library (what kind of library?)

3. of guitar knowledge

4. for free

Of course we can argue about the worthiness what this objective is achieving and whether the knowledge is valuable. For example if we went to the site and discovered that it is a very small library with only two basic articles in it, we may conclude that it is a poor site (it isnt, check it out!). However that is not the point. If all of the above are evident on the website then the objective has been achieved.

How do we use this material to practice effectively? (which is the objective of this paper). We do so by designing objectives in a clear manner with a quality element built into them. We use what is called SMART objectives.