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Easy Lead Licks

Ian Loft (3442) · [archive]
Style: Basics · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 60
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Here are two simple licks to start with. As with all material I have put together, this will be a dynamic session over which I will be adding material as time permits. One page today may grow to several more by weeks end!

The first lick is played picking eighth notes with a 4/4 beat over the chord of A7. Hold the last note to the end of the second bar.

One fretbuzz message commented that sequences on this site are often difficult to decipher a beat from. I hope to provide enough information to overcome this particular problem, I am always open to suggestions though - if you think there is not enough here to enable you to play the sequence, please let me know and I will try to describe things a little more clearly. Remember, this is a learning experience for me as much as you!!

This particular lick is transportable over the fretboard. For example, shift two frets up and you would play the same lick over a B7 chord.

The second lick is exactly the same with the following exceptions:
  • The first four notes are picked as eighth notes
  • The next nine are played as running tripplets - note the pull-off positions
  • The last two finish as eighth notes.

    • I have dropped the tempo but it is really up to you and your ability to play at any great speed.
Easy Lead Licks