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Triplet Practice 2: Swing Feel

James Wilmoth (5351) · [archive]
Style: Basics · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 120
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Here we have the third and final leg of our twelve bar set. This is where we 'bring it on home'. Now, at the end of the eighth measure, we slide on up to the seventh fret to play a different riff. We will still be utilizing the blues scale. Now in B, this new riff is played for one measure (measure 9), then slide down to the fifth fret (A) for another measure (measure 10), and slide once more to the nut (E) for another measure (measure 11).

This leaves us with measure twelve free for some ad-lib of sorts for an ending. The one shown is what I like the most, and is relatively easy. Sometimes I will alternate this ending with another, which basically involves strumming all the harmonics at the twelvth fret together.
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