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Modes of the Major Scale

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B Locrian
A Locrian scale is when you play from the 7th degree of the major scale to an octave above, so for B Locrian, the notes are:
  • B C D E F G A B
Each mode has an associated chord that is comprised of the 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th degrees of the mode. For B Locrian, this chord is an B Minor 7b5 and the notes it contains are:
  • B Minor 7b5: B D F A
In the example below, the following can be heard in order:
  • The notes of the mode B Locrian
  • The notes of the characteristic chord: B Minor 7b5
  • The characteristic chord itself: B Minor 7b5
  • A sample solo line using the notes of the B Locrian scale
Modes of the Major Scale - Page 8