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E Chord Derivatives Up The Neck

John Myers (8868) · [archive]
Style: Theory/Reference · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 120
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This lesson will show how the E chord and its varients on the same three strings can go up the neck of the guitar and achieve some neat effects that are both pleasing to the ear and easy to do. These chords are some of what me and one of my guitar instructors worked on this last spring. This ease will help beginning guitarists especially since you don't have to move your fingers from the position that they are in, you just have to slide them up and down the neck. If you are ready to jump into this new world of chords, lets get right started.

The first thing we will cover is the fingering. We'll use the basic E chord as the beginning for this lesson. What you'll want to do is form the E chord as normal, but instead of using your index, middle, and ring fingers (the 1,2, and 3 fingers); you'll want to use your index, ring, and pinky fingers (the 1,3, and 4 fingers). This will become appearent on the next page when the chords that we will use will be introduced.