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Breaking Out Of The Rut - #1

Ian Loft (3442) · [archive]
Style: Basics · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 100
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Almost every guitar player I have spoken with lament about a period of time where they cannot seem to improve or get ahead. This plateau, or 'rut' as I have come to call it, is a frustrating experience where no matter how many hours of effort, there is no noticable improvement.

The aim of this lesson is to provide some useful advice and exercises that will enable you to see some positive results, so lets get on with it:

Drill #1

We will start by developing a series of simple exercises that you can do every day. Let's begin with something simple and build on it. The following exercise uses the first three L/H fingers up and down the entire guitar neck. It is designed to develope discipline of alternate picking and fingering. It is a great warm-up routine requiring almost no concious thought or effort after practice:

Start with the 1st string in the first fret

E----1----2---3----2--- etc

then using your first finger as a 'guide' finger, shift to the second position (fret) and repeat the sequence. Continue to shift up one fret each repitetion all the way up the neck. Start slowly and use a metronome! concentrate on shifting positions fluently to produce a 'seamless' shift.

it sounds like :