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Playing The Bianca Fiore

Rasmus Persson (190) · [archive]
Style: Classical · Level: Intermediate · Tempo: 110
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First of all if you're not primarily a classical guitar player, I've concluded what you need to know.

To master this piece (if you don't normally play classical guitar), you need to have good right hand finger control (this shouldn't be a problem for most people). The bass notes should all be plucked by the thumb (in cases of more than one bass note you pluck the other one with your index finger.) The high notes should be plucked alternating beetween your index, middle, and ring finger. This is crucial when you move on to play faster pieces.

This piece is constructed so that most of the time the melody is accompanied by bass notes. (You could of course separate the bass notes and the melody and have a second guitarist play the chords of the bass notes, and you the melody. But that would be cheating wouldn't it?) In order for the bass notes to sound out during the bar (or partial bar) they are played, classical guitar players never rely on the "one-finger-per-fret rule." Since one finger often is locked up during most of the bar (the bass note) the remaining fingers will sometimes have to do some stretching.