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An Intro To Soleares Falsetas

Jim Graham (5168) · [archive]
Style: Flamenco · Level: Intermediate · Tempo: 80
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This lesson outlines most of my arrangement of this piece. The only missing parts are the non-traditional intro and ending. that I added to round it out for live performance. I play this at most of my gigs.

Lets start by labelling the picking-hand fingers:
  • thumb = p
  • 1st finger = i
  • 2nd finger = m
  • 3rd finger = a
This flaseta begins with an open position E major chord, while holding this chord down play the first six notes with p-m-p-i-m-a. Remember this passage, it is the re-occurring theme of the Soleares, and use "rest strokes" with the thumb(bring the thumb to rest against the string below the one you are plucking). Now, for the next six notes alternate i-m, rest strokes are recommended here as well but not essential. In bar 6 we are using triplets, each group of three notes has to be played in the space of time that an eighth note usually gets, I count these like this: 1-2-3,1-2-3,1-2-3. It is best to use all rest strokes with p for this, but if that is too difficult at this point you can alternate p-m for this type of passage however I have met guitarists that use i-m, experiment to find which way you like best, but strive for the "all thumb-rest stroke" approach. This is an excerpt from "Soleares", links to mp3's of many of the songs in my lessons can be found at: My DMusic page
An Intro To Soleares Falsetas