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Working Together As A Band

Igor Stermsek (363) · [archive]
Style: Theory/Reference · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 120
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In this lesson I hope to show you how to work together as a band when you're working on your music. I will use the example of my band, Petroleum ICE, and how we work.

To start with, one member writes the lyrics. He also gets the idea for what the song should sound like. He gives a copy of the lyrics to the rest of the band, and they check them for anomalies, lyrics they don't like or are offended by etc.

Now, our band consists of two singers, a guitarist (me), a bassist and a drummer. We all know about our instruments, but know very little about the others. Therefore, when we come up with anew song, it usually looks like this:

Let's say I came up with lyrics. Once the band checked them, I'll stay up till early morning writing the melody, riffs, rhythm patterns etc. I find that around midnight to two in the morning is the best time to work cause the house is quiet (i still live with my parents and two brothers). I just close off my room and turn the noise down and come up with the music.

Now I turn up to band practice, and I will play the melody a few times, and say where I think the vocals should come in. Then the two singers split the vocals between them, and they sing over my guitar part. They'll tell me if we need to cut down on syllables, if i need to speed up or slow down, etc.

It's important to listen to what the band members have to say, cause if a band member hates the song, you cant prform it properly. Trust me, i speak from the experience of our disasterous first gig.

So, accept all input.