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Mastering The Malaguena

Rasmus Persson (190) · [archive]
Style: Flamenco · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 160
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The traditional Spanish piece, "La Malaguena", exists in many different versions. The one included below is one of my favorites. Unfortunately, the limitations of the sequencer kept me from keeping the song in one piece because of the songs length (it spans over 32 bars). So I split the song up into two parts supposed to be played as one. You will find the second part on the next page

As always start by practicing slowly, increasing in speed as you go. REMEMBER: Pick the "bass notes" with the thumb and pluck the recurring high 'E-string' alternating between your index and middle finger. Do always start plucking using your middle finger (this goes for whenever there are two 'Es' following each other). You do this to remove unwanted accents on certain notes. (All people have different fingers and this might not hold true for you, but for most people I have encountered it has)

You will notice that most of the song is built around triads and repetitions in triplets. If you know how to do a "rasgeuado" (that is playing/strumming the chords in a typical flamenco fashion; there exists a tutorial on this art, somewhere in the wholenot flamenco section) feel free to do so whenever the tab indicates a chord to be strummed.

The clearly audible harmonized guitar part is posted on page 3; and should, to do the song justice, be played by a friend.

If you are a more advanced flamenco player try adding a third repetion part using tremolo instead of triplets.
Mastering The Malaguena