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Asturia, Leyenda

Jake Lizzio (985) · [archive]
Style: Flamenco · Level: Advanced · Tempo: 110
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This song was originally written by Isaac Albeniz for the piano. At that time, the title was Leyenda. Years after, Francisco Tarrega transcribed the music for guitar, and it was re-titled Asturias.(Thanks to Pat Sloan for this information)

This is strictly for a classical/spanish guitar, and if you are like me and NOT a professional guitar player, this will take a long time to learn, but its worth it. I play this first part by using just my thumb and middle fingers on my picking hand. The left hand fingering should be easy to figure out, the only possible hard part here would be keeping the B-string from hitting your fretting fingers. I DEFFINATELY recommend downloading or finding Narciso Yepes' version of this. If I can find a way to record myself and put it onto my computer, I'll upload a file of me playing it so you can understand the feel that this song is supposed to have that can't be shown through the composer.

I wish you the best of luck with this one. E-mail me directly at Jaykzo@comcast.net if you need any help.
Asturia, Leyenda