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Mighty Minor Sevenths

Jeremy Cotton (7938) · [archive]
Style: Jazz · Level: Intermediate · Tempo: 120
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Alright- now we can start improvising. Improvisation can be as simple as changing the order you play the arpeggio or scale in. Try these things:
  1. play every other note-notice how the Gmajor sclae turns into an arpeggio....
  2. change the rhythms of the notes you play. standard jazz rhythms are the "Swing" eights, so definetly try some uneven (long-short-long-short) eighth note rhythms
  3. have you noticed how close the am pentatonic scale (not blues scale) is to the am7 arpeggion?we jazz guys might even call the am pentatonic scale an am11 arpeggio....(hint)
  4. did you know the am pentatonic and c major pentatonic are the same scale with the notes in a slightly different order? this would suggest that the c major scale and arpeggio would be pretty compatible with the am7 arpeggio (hint again-I feel like Mick Goodrick)
  5. ever notice how notes sound cooler after a period of silence (the concept of "space"-check out Miles Davis)...(now I really feel like Mick Goodrick)
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