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stagger lee

Jim Burger (4613) · [archive]
Style: Acoustic/Folk · Level: Intermediate · Tempo: 150
Pages: 1

This is a pretty simple acoustic fingerpicking tune, as it simply goes from D to G to A7 fingerings. The song tells a nice story -- nobody knows who stagger lee really was, but apparently he was a pretty nasty guy who lost a lot of money gambling with his friend and shot him. Some versions of the song end with him hanging from the gallows for this.

Note the interesting parts: - hammer into the D chord on the high E string most of the time - the high E string is left open in the G (I'm not sophisticated enough to know what that chord actually is, so I just call it a G with the high E string left open) - the nifty little slide into the A7 in measure 9.

I recommend playing this baby kinda slow if you have the endurance. Since the song has about a million known verses (email me if you want some), I always find myself playing it way too fast by the end and tripping over my own fingers as I try to finish telling the story.
G w/open hi-E
stagger lee
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