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Feeling the Pentatonics

Jason Hensley (3962) · [archive]
Style: Blues · Level: Intermediate · Tempo: 110
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The first thing most guitarist learned when it comes to scales was/is the "Pentatonics". For most of us, it was the first scale we came to improvise our first solos out of. I think this is one of the most used scales out there, as Pentatonics are used in 90% of rock. Blues uses an alterd form of the Pentatonics; with a b5th added into the Pentatonic scale, making it into the "Blues Scale" thus most blues songs are composed from these 2 scales.

Since I am using these scales as the main focus in this lesson, its only fitting that I should give some tips in playing the blues, and blues/rock. Blues in my veiw, takes more time to learn, develop technique, skill, and feel than it does in shred. Its hard to play a few notes with feel, than blazing out a whole scale up and down the neck. Don't get me wrong I love speed, but I like to have some soul behind it too. Alright if your interested lets move on!
Feeling the Pentatonics