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Walking Blues

Josh Graves (2401) · [archive]
Style: Blues · Level: Intermediate · Tempo: 50
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Again, use 1 to hammer the G#'s, and the other left hand fingers for the bass movement. Again, use i for the third string, m for the second string, and a for the first string. Again, AVOID TENSION! This part may seem difficult, but once you have mastered the technique it will be smooth and efficient. Playing it slowly will solidify the process you will need to use to play it at a faster tempo. REMEMBER: You should have the ability to play a piece musically and effectively not only at the appropriate tempo, but also at a faster as well as slower tempo. At this point you have truly mastered a piece, and the truth is that playing a piece slowly and effectively is the hardest part.

For the very final moment you will need to use the 1 finger to fret the bass note. Use the 2 finger to hammer the G#, and the 3 finger to play the C on the 2nd string. This will prepare you for the slides comming up in the next part.
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