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Chord/scale Relationships

Tad Green (561) · [archive]
Style: Basics · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 120
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this lesson will introduce the beging guitarist to the concepts of scale/chord relationship.

we will use the major c scale to start with. (below)

start from the note c (5th string 3rd fret), we will call this the first note(or root note), since it is the note or key that the scale represents.

we are going to make c chords so we are going to have to use a c note.

continue up the scale untill the third note. the e (4th string 2nd fret).

then go untill you reach the fith note. (the g, open third string).

you have now reached the three notes that make up a major chord. the root, the third and the fifth, R 3 5, in our case the c major chord. the notes are c-e-g

play these three toghether and you should recognize the sound.

you also have located them within the c major scale.

play this scale a few times until you have memeorized it.