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Thomas Nevels (45) · [archive]
Style: Rock/Pop · Level: Expert · Tempo: 90
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These are arpeggios that I have been working on for a LONG time and still havent completely mastered. They are great for any guitarist to learn no matter what kind of music you play, and they are very challenging ,at least i think so. Keep in mind the idea is to play each note as clear as possible,dont just SLOP thru this cause it wont help ,ACCURACY is everything! For picking I use a combination of alternate,starting with a downstroke and on the last 3 notes i use sweep picking .This picking technique works well for me and is how I think they are intended to be played,but experiment and see what kind of picking style best suits you for these ARPEGGIOS FROM HELL!DONT TRY TO DO INCREDIBLE FINGER STRETCHES ON THESE, just move on up the fret board, the biggest finger stretch here should only span 6 frets:)

You can add an extra note at the thirteenth fret on the HIGH E string if you like. That is how I originally learned all of these arpeggios.HEY IF YA REALLY WANT A WORK OUT, TRY THESE ARPEGGIOS WITH THE EXTRA NOTE AT THE 13TH FRET ON THE HIGH E STRING AND STRICT ALTERNATE PICKING, THATS HOW SATRIANI AND VAI PLAY THEM :)