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Thomas Nevels (45) · [archive]
Style: Rock/Pop · Level: Expert · Tempo: 60
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These are arpeggios that I have been working on for a LONG time and still havent completely mastered. They are great for any guitarist to learn no matter what kind of music you play, and they are very challenging ,at least i think so. Keep in mind the idea is to play each note as clear as possible,dont just SLOP thru this cause it wont help ,ACCURACY is everything! For picking I use a combination of alternate starting with a downstroke, and on the last 3 notes i use sweep picking .This picking technique works well for me and is how I think they are intended to be played,but experiment and see what kind of picking style best suits you for these ARPEGGIOS FROM HELL!:)

unfortunately I am not able to show the fingering for these arpeggios,experiment and find what works best for you.Most of you will find the fingering for these to be pretty obvious I think!!! GOOD LUCK!DONT TRY TO DO INCREDIBLE FINGER STRETCHES ON THESE, just move on up the fret board, the biggest finger stretch here should only span 6 frets:)

You can add an extra note at the thirteenth fret on the HIGH E string if you like. That is how I originally learned all of these arpeggios.HEY IF YA REALLY WANT A WORK OUT, TRY THESE ARPEGGIOS WITH THE EXTRA NOTE AT THE 13TH FRET ON THE HIGH E STRING AND STRICT ALTERNATE PICKING, THATS HOW SATRIANI AND VAI PLAY THEM :)