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Heavy Rythm Progression

Micah Vaale (82) · [archive]
Style: Metal · Level: Intermediate · Tempo: 150
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Well to start out I don`t know if this is a lesson.But this is a few riffs I came up with a few days a go that I really like.I thought I would publish them and share how I created them.Generally I think its a good idea to come up with a good chord progression first that sounds really catchy to you.Im talking about just the progression first because thats the theme of your song, it gives it the structure if you will.So my progression was E5 F5 G5 F5 F5 E5.Pretty basic huh? but affective.Next step is to create the statement or timing sequence,what ever you want to call it.Once youve come up with that youre half way there.Now what I like to do is come up with a main riff than a second riff or verse and chorus.measures 1-4 are my main riff.Notice the alternate endings in measures 2 and 4 I like to do this to spice it up a little so it don`t it get to boring playing the same thing over and over.because of this I put it down only once, but when I`m actually playing this I repeat measures 1-4 four times in a row.Than measure 5 Is what I call a transition riff a simple tool to start the next riff with out jumping in to it giving no time for the listener to adjust.Than here`s the part I think makes it so cool, notice the last riff measures 6-8, 9 is supposed to be the same as 7 but it got lost some where when I was making this,anyways it`s the same progression in a diferent octive and slightly diferent.It kind of keeps the some structure the same, while still changing the riffs and the listener is uncontrolbly banging his head by now totaly diggin your groove!Even if you were to change the second riff completly, but kept to simple progression it would still have the same effect.Well that concludes my so called lesson.also I like to come up with intro to the song and end it with the same.It builds great atmosphere to your song and gives the song a solid ending rather than just cutting it off and leavin people hangin there.Well I hope you liked this lesson and maybe got something out of it.I`ll keep trying to put stuff out,more examples and new ideas but for now peace and always have fun playing your axe its that more enjoyable when you do.
Heavy Rythm Progression