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A Little Diddy

Tad Green (561) · [archive]
Style: Country · Level: Expert · Tempo: 80
Pages: 1

A Little Diddy For this i finger pick useing only my thumb index and middle fingers.
When it gets to the parts where there is single srting picking i sort of "slapp" the string by plucking it hard in an upward motion with my index finger.
On some parts on the 1st couple of strings i "up stroke" with my index and "down stroke" with my thumb for speed.
You can do whatever is comfortable for you,hybrid picking would work good too, experement with diffrent ways to pick it.
The parts where there are three note hpp (hammer-on,pull-off-pull-off) i use the tips of my calluses to do this fast and pull off with my fingers slightly slanted down.
I think that you will will find the foward to backward, hpp to hhp, very fun and challenging.
This is a good piece to improve with. I made it so that it can keep going on and on, all you have to do is keep going back to the main riff (b c b a b g) and throw scales and licks over it.
Please give me some feedback about what you think. keep playing and keep dreaming. TDG.

I started the tempo at 80 but it can be raised or lowerd to your speed. Also forgive me because the messures are not properly separated, it was my first time to use the composer, so some of the rests that should be there are not properly displayed,the whole thing is basicaly one continous lick,if you listen to it a couple of times i think you will get the idea, write me if there are any problems.

I'd like to thank everyone for viewing this lesson over the years, and making it the 4th most visited country guitar lesson on wholenote!
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A Little Diddy