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Using The Composer: First Steps

Rick Payman (10059) · [archive]
Style: Theory/Reference · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 120
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Entering The First Note

Step 1. Name the Sequence

You must give your Sequence a Name before it can be Saved, Played or Previewed.
To name the sequence, click in the Title Box section (Point 1) .
Using the keyboard, type in the name of your sequence, e.g. My First Sequence.

Step 2. Select the Start Measure (Optional - this is the default)

You want to start entering notes for the first Measure of the Sequence.
To select the first measure, click the first box (numbered 1) in the Sequence Timeline section (Point 2) .

Step 3. Select the Default Note Duration

The Default Note Duration determines the duration of entered Notes (e.g. note), and also the amount to advance to the next note.
The first Measure of the Sample Sequence contains notes, so we want to set the Note Duration to note.
To set the Note Duration; first click on the Duration Menu (Point 3), but do not release the mouse button.
dmenu_1_4.gifYou will see this table of 10 note lengths indicated in Standard Music Notation.
Move the cursor to the box containing the note located in the lower, left-hand side of the menu, then release the mouse button. The Menu box will now show the note.
(If you select a different note, then that note would now be displayed in the Menu box)

Step 4. Select the Start Position of the First Note (Optional - this is the default)

The first note to be entered starts at the beginning of the Measure.
To select the required position, click in the first column of the Measure Timeline section (Point 4).
The blue timeline cursor will move to the selected position within the Measure.

Step 5. Select the Note Event Type (Pick) (Optional - this is the default)

To specify that the first note is to be Picked, click on the Pick box in the Event Menu section (Point 5).

Step 6. Enter the First Note

We are now ready to enter the first Note in the sequence (a D), to be played on the 3rd Fret of the 2nd String.
In the Fretboard section double-click over the position representing the 3rd Fret of the 2nd string (Point 6).
The note should sound, and be visible as a black dashed line in the Measure Timeline section.