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Using The Composer: First Steps

Rick Payman (10059) · [archive]
Style: Theory/Reference · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 120
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Some Things To Know About Sequences

We use the Composer to create Sequences, but what exactly is a Sequence?

  • Sequences provide the source of all Tablature displayed and played back in Lessons.

  • Sequences are created and edited using the Composer.

  • A sequence may contain between 1 and 32 Measures, or Bars. A limitation on the number of notes or events in a Sequence may further reduce this 32 Measure limit.

  • A sequence must be given a Name (when created) before it can be played, saved or pre-viewed.
    The name may subsequently be changed, and is not visible to the public.

  • A saved sequence will subsequently be assigned a unique Sequence Number (#), and will be available in My Composer Sequences in Your Music listing.

  • Sequences are not directly accessible to the public (see below).

  • Once saved, the sequence may be referenced from within one or more Lesson Pages.

  • Lesson Pages are the only way that sequences are made accessible to the public.

  • A Lesson Page can specify the range of measures to be included from a given Sequence:-
    • A Sequence may be presented over several Lesson Pages
    • A Sequence may contain material used in different Lessons
    • A Lesson may reference several different Sequences (on separate pages)
  • The Insert Scale/Sequence Chart tool available in Lesson, FretBuzz, Message and Feedback dialogs
    has nothing to do with Composer Sequences. An unfortunate naming convention indeed.