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Using The Composer: First Steps

Rick Payman (10059) · [archive]
Style: Theory/Reference · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 120
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Completing The Sequence (continued ...)

Step 16. Enter the first 1/8 Note

Enter the first note of the second Measure using double-click or shift-click or ctrl-click over the position
of the 2nd Fret of the 1st String in the Fretboard section.
The note should sound, become visible, and the timeline cursor advance to beyond the end of the note.

Step 17. Enter the next three 1/8 Notes

Enter the next three 1/8 notes in the Fretboard section.
Notice how the timeline cursor is automatically advanced.
The timeline cursor should now be over the 1/2 note indicator, exactly 1/2 way through the Measure Timeline.

Step 17. Disable the Advance Feature (New)

Disable the Advance feature now by unchecking the Advance checkbox (Point 8).

Step 18. Set the Note Duration

The final three note chord is of 1/2 note duration.
Use the Duration Menu to select the required note duration.
The 1/2 note is located in the center, lower row of the Menu table dnote_1_2.gif

Step 19. Enter the Final Chord

Enter the three notes comprising the final Chord using the Fretboard section.
Note that we do not need to advance the measure timeline, since the notes are sounded together.

Step 20. SAVE the Completed Sequence

You have now completed the sequence. SAVE your work now.