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Rockabilly Shuffles

Howard Owens (3129) · [archive]
Style: Country · Level: Intermediate · Tempo: 140
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The shuffles presented in these lessons are really pretty basic, but they're something to help you get started on the road to become a real rockabilly cat.

Below is a basic blues shuffle, that with the right feel and a little echo/slapback, becomes a rockabilly shuffle. It helps if you have an echo/analog delay pedal.

The chord progression is E, A7, B7.

I recommend that for this shuffle, you play while holding the chord shapes, which is a little tricky because the E really becomes, then, an E7, because you need to free up your middle and pinky finger to play the notes on the third and fourth frets. And B7 is even tougher with notes being played behind the chord. But when you get into finger picking additional notes with the shuffle, you'll need those chord shapes in place.
Rockabilly Shuffles