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Banjo Style Fingerpicking For Guitar

Tommy Cameron (813) · [archive]
Style: Bluegrass · Level: Intermediate · Tempo: 100
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There comes a time in every electric players life where they just want to jump head first into their acoustic and learn as much as they can. That's basically where i am at right now, and I have always been fascinated with the banjo!

I have put together this little ditty to show you a couple little runs and fingerings that banjo players use, but adapted for playing on the guitar - banjos pieces are commonly in the key of G to facilitate the use of its open strings, I have transposed these to the key of E to make use of the open B and E strings on the guitar.

We will start with 3 little licks to get the feel for this, then dig into a little piece using the different ideas all at once. For these excersises, I am using a pick with my thumb and index finger, and then plucking the other strings with my middle and ring finger. Set the tempo at around 100, and set the loop to "forever" while you practice these, to get a feel for it. Once it feels comfortable, increase the tempo gradually. These licks are played at around a tempo of 200 - 230 by banjo players.

This first part is just a fingerpicking pattern between the pick, the middle finger, and the ring finger.
Banjo Style Fingerpicking For Guitar