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Modes and the C Aeolian Scale

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Soloing with the C aeolian scale
Here's a progression featuring the chords: Cm - Ab - Eb - Bb. Since all of these chords can be constructed from C aeolian, we can play the C aeolian scale on top of it. For the example solo, the notes that are played don't really correspond to a set pattern. How do you know what notes to play? Well, that's why it takes a while to get a grip on playing solo lines. In this case, we have a "sandbox" to play in, because we know that any notes from our C aeolian scale will sound good. It's up to you to figure out what combinations of note choices and rhythm will help make your soloing over this tune sound good. Theory can act as a guide for what subsets of notes might sound good in a situation, but it's your responsibility to figure out how to make it lyrical. Try singing some melodies and then reproducing them on your guitar. Anything that helps you to hear melodies over progressions is a good thing...
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