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Albert Lee Type Licks

Christopher Sung (9641) · [archive]
Style: Country · Level: Expert · Tempo: 240
Pages: 1 2 3

Albert Lee is a true master of country-rock guitar. The speed, accuracy, and hipness of his lines is just incredible. In this lesson, we'll look at a couple of licks with his flavor of playing.

In this example, double stops are used in a 3 on 4 kind of feel. It's a repeating pattern of the double stop, the open G string, and the note, and we continually modify the idea depending on the current chord. Sometimes we slide into the low note as shown in measures 1, 4, and 7, and sometimes we just launch straight into the pattern. The open G string doesn't always completely fit (like in mms. 7-8), but the lick is so fast, it doesn't really matter...
Albert Lee Type Licks
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