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Playing Purely Pentatonic

Alan W. Ward (275) · [archive]
Style: Jazz · Level: Intermediate · Tempo: 120
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i know the first scale i learned was the minor pentatonic, and i know many guitarists could claim the same. so i will deal with 'minor' pentatonic scale only, and only in one particular shape.

this lesson serves as an introduction to the use of different minor pentatonic scales over chords and common chord changes. if you find this lesson useful, and want to learn more about the use of these scales, there are some very fine, very comprehensive lessons at this very site.

several minor pentatonic scales sit neatly inside any major scale. i'll show you a quick way to use the minor pentatonics from the C major scale.

the most 'inside' is the A minor pentatonic...(built from the 6th degree of a C major scale)

when played over a C major vamp the result is quite harmless.
Playing Purely Pentatonic