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Walking Bass Lines with Chords

Christopher Sung (9641) · [archive]
Style: Blues · Level: Advanced · Tempo: 100
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OK, so now we've got a walking bass with some chords. It almost sounds like two guitarists playing at the same time, which is good, but it doesn't sound that hip. It'd be nice if we could imply some sort of percussive beat. One way we can do this is to use mutes on the offbeats to push it a bit. You create the mutes by not completely fretting the chord, but keeping light pressure on it to create a percussive "chuck". The chuck doesn't really have a pitch - it's just noise (but good noise). We're going to hit our chucks on the offbeats as in:

one - AND - two - AND - three - AND - four - AND -

This is shown in mms. 1-3. Don't pay too much attention to the actual fret location of the chucks. They're there just as a guide. When we combine our chucks with our previous part, it sounds like mms. 4-6, which sounds a bit better now.
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