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Punk Rock Primer

Carl Anderson (2230) · [archive]
Style: Punk · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 20
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Punk Rock Gear... continued...

The guitar you play will affect your sound greatly too. Most any guitar will work, and some better than others. Here's the lowdown on the most popular models.

Ibanez Guitars work well too. Most models are loaded with humbuckers, so you can get a good heavy sound. They make some good inexpensive models too. I have a friend who has the Ibanez GRX20z. That thing plays almost as well as my Strat, which is a pretty nice guitar. It has the two humbucker configuration and a 22 fret neck, and costs only $170 bucks! A great value for the money! Almost anyone could afford this, especially used! I know a kid who uses this same guitar in a punk/Ska band that is quite successful in my area.
Fender Stratocasters are very versatile guitars. They are not quite as high as Telecasters, and have more bottom end. Single coil pickups are the most common on Strats, but they come with different configurations like S-S-H or just two humbuckers. My guitar is a strat, and it works suprisingly well for punk.
Gibson/Epiphone Les Pauls are the ultimate rock guitars. They use two humbucking pickups to give them a deep, smooth, phat, crunchy sound. These are the ultimate guitars for punk rock in my opinion. They sound soooo much heavier that guitars with single coil pickups. Those big, heavy bodies help too!

Any of these guitars, plus many others, will work fine. Just head on down to your local music store and try some out!

Not too many effects are used in popular punk rock. Use them to your personal preference. If you still need more gain and volume or if your current amp doesn't cut it, you might look into a distortion/overdrive unit. I personally use a Ibanez SM7 Smashbox in my punk band. It has tons and tons of gain. Sweet! There are hundreds of different models to choose from, so find the one that suits you best.

You might also look into chorus, phaser, delay, tremolo, etc. to spice up your sound. Chorus sounds great on clean parts, as well as phasers, if used right.