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Punk Rock Primer

Carl Anderson (2230) · [archive]
Style: Punk · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 360
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Now for the fun part....

Punk Rock Gear!

The guitar amplifier that you choose will define part of your tone. For punk rock, you will need an amp with lots of gain and lots of volume. As with any type of music, tube amplifiers sound the best. They are smooth and have great overdrive/distortion. The most popular choice of tube amp is a MESA/BOOGIE Dual or Triple Rectifier. Many punk guitarists use these amps, with a matching 4X12 speaker cab. Another great choice would be any high wattage Marshall amplifier. All of these amps have a truckload of gain, and enough volume to make your ears bleed! They do cost a bit, however, so if you are low on $$$, start saving up!

If you are looking for a sound with more of a harsh edge to it, or are on a budget, look into a solid state amplifier. Solid state amps don't sound as good as tube amps, they lack that smoothness and phatness, but they do sound alright. Check out and amp in the Fender Dynatouch line of amps. Good ones for punk are the Stage 100 & 160. These amps have a very versatile distortion, and are pretty darn loud, too. Lower amps in the Dynatouch line have less wattage, but sound decent if you are on a budget. You can get a Fender Dynatouch amp for anywhere from $150 to $700.
I heard an awesome punk band from Salt Lake City called Accident Prone, and one of the guitarists used a Fender Roc-Pro amp. Lemme tell ya now, that amp sounded SWEET. It was sooo loud and heavy! I loved it. If you've got that ca$h, I would recommend checking that amp out!

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