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Punk Rock Primer

Carl Anderson (2230) · [archive]
Style: Punk · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 150
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Punk Lead Playing

Alright, now that you've got punk rock rythym down, its time to learn a little punk rock lead playing. Punk rock solos generally are pretty simple. You won't hear any shredding or soloing like that. Punk leads are generally short, simple, and melodic. Some are the same pattern played over all the chords, and the chord changes make it sound cool.

Most of the time I use the major scale on the first two stings for punk solos. I go up and down the whole neck on those two strings.

Emajor on 1st String

I use this scale a lot in punk soloing. I hit on any note after sounding the open E or the octave on the 12th fret. Do this fast and it sounds really cool. Listen to the next sequence to see what I mean.

Try incorperating notes from other stings when you do this, too.

OK, now that you have the major scales down, try out the solo that I wrote for the rythym part of our song. It is really simple. The uppermost notes might be a bit of a strech, so if you can't hit them with your pinkie, don't worry about it.

Remember, be melodic. Punk solos aren't shreddy or thrashy. Settle into a groove.

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