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Punk Rock Primer

Carl Anderson (2230) · [archive]
Style: Punk · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 150
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OK. Here we go.

You saw and heard an intro part on the previous page. I consisted of an E-B-A-B chord progression, with a very fast tempo. Now, in punk rock, palm muting is a major part of the sound. Don't know what palm muting is? Search for it in the lessons for a better explination. Basically plam muting is putting your picking hand palm over the strings at the bridge so that they sounds the same note, but it is muted while you pick. This creates a cool chunky sound when played with a nice distortion or overdrive. When you change chords, lift your palm off the strings momentarily and let that chord ring true. Then resume palm muting. This makes for a pretty cool sound.

In the verse, you can use palm muting too. Since Composer doesn't have a palm muting sound, I have written the verse chords to tell you when and when not to. The root-5th power chords are to be played with palm muting. The root-5th-root power chords can be played without palm muting.


Punk Rock Primer - Page 2
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