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using html tags to make lessons better

Sean Kelly (1525) · [archive]
Style: Other · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 120
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You might have noticed that this lesson looks a bit different than other lessons, because it uses Special markers in it that make the page customized. These are known as HTML Tags.

There's no big secret to using these, they are just special words encased in pairs of < and > brackets that tell the browser how to display. Wholenote lets you use any and all of these that you like to give your lessons a distinctive style and look.

You can even place links in your page that take you to different pages of your lesson, or even different lessons! For example, click here to see Sam Munro's cool lesson, Change Running. But then hit the back button to continue through this lesson, ok? Sam won't mind.
  C# D Eb F# G 
Thats probably how I would distinguish Chord diagrams from text, so it pops out more. Anyway, on to the next page to see how to do this...