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Warm-up And Practice At Same Time

Chester Horton (10480) · [archive]
Style: Basics · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 120
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This lesson is designed for beginners and intermediate players alike.

Warm-up is very important in advancing your playing skill

No session should start without some sort of warm-up exercise. This warm-up routine is designed not just to act as a warm-up but also as a skill builder in several areas. When used regularly and properly it will improve:


When doing the following exercises concentrate first of all on acheiving good tone and proper technique and the speed will come naturally. Say each note as you play it in the easier sequences. This will build your knowledge of the fretboard. The sequences are all done in 120 BPM which is what I currently start with as a warm-up but this should be set at a speed that is comfortable for you at your stage of playing. My teacher , to whom I give credit for this fine exercise does his warm-up in this same manner but at 220 BPM. I recommend that beginners start somewhere between 60 and 80 BPM and progress from there in small increments. Do not move up in speed until you are comfortably doing all the patterns at the present speed. The starting point I use here will begin in open position C scale and is where I suggest all beginners start. i suggest that you check out the lessons here on the Caged System for scales. The Cmajor scale in open position does not use the little finger so leaves out an important part of the warm-up, skillbuilding process. It is important that you use a scale or position that requires all the fingers to work. Later on as you progress choose a different scale and a different position each time you warm-up. Although each phase is presented on a different page here, the entire warm-up is meant to be played each time you pick up your guitar to do some serious playing. The entire warm up procedure only takes about 5 minutes when done in its entireity even including the variations on pages 6 and 7 here.
Beginners, remember proper technique: thumb in proper position opposite the index or middle finger, each string held down with tip of finger and right at the fret wire and not over it or in the middle of the fret.

OK. Ready? Lets start!