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Country Matters

WholeNote Staff (593) · [archive]
Style: Country · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 80
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Let's try one more banjo inspired variation. Instead of the forward roll that we played in the previous example let's trun it around and play it backwards. Not suprisingly this is called a reverse roll. You can go about this example just as you did with the last one, but this time start out by picking the highest note with your middle finger before striking the middle note with your index finger and the low note with your thumb.

Again try to play as evenly as you can and try to hear the sound of a banjo in your head while your working on it. Start out as slowly as you need to and work your way to a quicker tempo when you can. These sort of licks sound really great when you get past the initial shock and really push the tempo. DON't GET DISCOURAGED. If you take your time and practice it a bit at a time you will be a country picker in no time.Enjoy!
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