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Jimi Hendrix Type Licks

Christopher Sung (9641) · [archive]
Style: Rock/Pop · Level: Advanced · Tempo: 180
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OK, let's get down to business. In this lesson, we'll cover some aspects of the playing of blues/rock legend Jimi Hendrix. We'll mostly look at some solo lines but page 4 has a boat-load of chordal ideas for you to check out.

In this example, we use the E minor pentatonic scale at the 12th fret. Most of the bends are the A to B on the 3rd string from the 12th to 14th fret, and the D to E on the 2nd string from the 13th to 15th fret. In the first two measures, our top note is the high E on the 1st string, but notice in measure 3 how we bend the G up to the A at the 17th fret before we descend. This is the climax of the example. Also note how each idea starts on the off-beat of 1.
Jimi Hendrix Type Licks
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