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Paul Gilbert String Skipping Technique

Phillip Kubal (276) · [archive]
Style: Metal · Level: Advanced · Tempo: 120
Pages: 1

I learned this 'Paul Gilbert style' string-skipping lesson so long ago I've forgotten the details. Anyway, I think it is worth sharing and hope you do to. With a little patience and practice you can whip your water-logged string skipping technique into tip-top shape.

This is the first lesson I have edited so forgive the mistakes (ignore the hammer and pulls in the tab and just follow the picking pattern below..they are pretty close however). I also wish there were some way to add the "picking sequence" in the music because it is VERY IMPORTANT IN THIS LESSON. I of course encourage you to experiment, however....when it comes to speed and clarity if you just follow a "proven" picking pattern it will save you some time.

This lick consists of Hammer-ons, pull-offs and string-skipping. Starting with the first measure(and then repeating throughout)

1)up then pull-off E-string
2)down (then pull off) G-string
3)down (trust me) D-string
4)up (then hammer-on) G-string
5)up (skip back up) E-string
6)down A-string
7)up (then hammer-on) D-string
8)up (then hammer-on and pull-off) B-string
9)down (then hammer-on)

That will take you through the first measure. All the following measures are repeating this pattern with the exception of the last measure(which I took artistic license and threw in rapid fire triplets which are all alternate picked, Cool huh.)

Do I really need to say, "Start slowly and THEN speed up" DUH!
I published it at about 120 which I think is a reasonable goal(Hell, even I can play it that fast cleanly!)
Paul Gilbert String Skipping Technique
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