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Pedal Steel Simulator Licks

Sean Kelly (1525) · [archive]
Style: Country · Level: Intermediate · Tempo: 120
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Welcome to the pedal steel simulator

I'll try to show you some stuff you can play on your regular 6 string electric that sounds a lot like a pedal steel (which is that hawaiian-ish vibe you hear on a lot of classic country songs). This stuff makes the crowd smile when they hear it, and it shows off your range as a style chameleon

The riff on this page sounds like the kick-off of a song in D major. In the first bar you need to bend up quickly from the starting fretted positions and then back more slowly, kind of like a pre-bend.

Notice that this run simply descends chromatically at first from the relative minor of A (F# minor). All you need to is grab the A-form of the minor chord as the lick descends, the hard part is getting the bends to be in tune (bending inside a chord can be tricky) Notice the lick uses a combo of bends, slides, and hammer ons to get the pedal-ly sound, sometimes sliding or hammering where the bend interval would be too crazy for a 6-string. But using the bends and pre-bends where you can is the key- then the rest sounds right in the pocket.
Pedal Steel Simulator Licks