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Ear Training and Intervals

Christopher Sung (9641) · [archive]
Style: Basics · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 120
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Well, that's pretty much it. Hopefully, from this lesson, you'll be able to use some of the mnemonics I presented to remember how these intervals sound, and to be able to use them in WholeNote's Ear Training Exercises to help improve your ear. With these exercises, it often helps to do some trial-and-error in your head, testing each of the melodies against the msytery note to see if you can obtain a match.

If you work at it, it'll definitely come, and you'll be able to identify any note or any interval in a snap. The payoff is that you'll be able to figure out tunes without a guitar in hand, just by listening. Also, if someone is showing you how to play a tune, you'll be able to figure it out quicker because you can hear what they're playing, in addition to seeing what their hands are doing on the fretboard.

Good luck!