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A Classic Metal Power Chord Riff

Sean Kelly (1525) · [archive]
Style: Metal · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 80
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Set your loop prefs in the bottom right to "forever" for this lesson!

This is a short lesson designed to show you a classic riff style from many hard rock/metal songs. All the sustained power chords in this bar are down-picked, and the first part of the small muted couplets are down picked as well:

(d=down-pick, u=up-pick) D-D-du-D-du-D-du-D.

The sustained chords are usually played with more bite, and the muted chords are muted by the palm of your right hand crossing the strings near the bridge while you are picking. (When I say 'palm', I really mean the far right edge of your right hand well below the pinky, closer to your wrist)

Remember, Your left hand never stops shaping the whole chord!

Try it slowly at first to capture the muted parts correctly- good players can grab both notes, the root and the fifth of the power chord, in each up or down stroke while muting, cleanly. Practice S-L-O-W to get that part down. Dont even worry about getting the top string to ring until the mutes work. Thats the skill to know, then you can speed it up to maniacal tempos. Try it at 160 or so for the real feel.
A Classic Metal Power Chord Riff