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HARMONIZED SCALE - Van Epps Style #1

Charles Gacsi (42523) · [archive]
Style: Jazz · Level: Expert · Tempo: 120
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The Key of Db is used for illustrations. Db is the lowest position possible with the fingerings given. It will allow a guitarist to play this harmonized scale initiallly from the key of Db thru the key of E on any guitar. The fingering is important.

Abbreviations: Arabic numbers represent the fret fingers. A lower case "s" before and after a number represents the string = s3s 3rd string. Roman Numerals = frets.

Finger Ebm and Fm 3 s4s 2 s3s 4 s2s. Finger the last Gb diagram 2 s3s 4 s2s 3 s1s



The fingers should move smoothly from the Gb to the Cdim if you use the following fingering 2 s3s 1 s2s 3 s1s

As you play this pattern you can hear the scale in the top notes.

Once you have learned the fingering, play each change on each beat. Next play two changes on one beat. Then 4 changes on one beat.

Now go up the scale and then down the scale. Play it in the keys of Db, D, Eb, E, F, Gb.

Do these harmonized scales one after the other and then reverse direction.

If you shift one fret to the left of Db, the scale will be in the key of C. Note: The 4th finger is free to play an additional note on the top note of each chord, should that be desired.

Tab has been added, as of 3/24/2002 giving audio examples on the next page to indicate how the harmonized scale should be practiced.