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Charles Gacsi (42523) · [archive]
Style: Jazz · Level: Advanced · Tempo: 120
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Practice the entire pattern on page one, starting with 2nd finger, 5th string, 4th fret (Dbm) thru (Abm) 2nd finger, 5th string, 11th fret.

When you step the entire progression up one fret at a time you will be going thru it chromatically.

You may take the progression beyond the 11th fret, if you desire to do so. The 11th fret limitation will enable those without cutaway capability to do so.

The following diagram shows this moving voice pattern starting on Gm. Reverse direction. Movement still on the third string.

Gm maj7

When you play this sequence, the chord pattern fits "Summertime" or some of the "Spy" movie themes

See page 3 for tab on this material.