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More Fingerstyle Tremolo

Jim Graham (5168) · [archive]
Style: Flamenco · Level: Intermediate · Tempo: 50
Pages: 1

As outlined in my "Fingerstyle Tremolo" lesson, right hand technique is of paramount importance for playing smooth tremolo, the right hand fingers are labelled:
  • thumb = p
  • 1st finger = i
  • 2nd finger = m
  • 3rd finger = a
The finger sequence throughout this passage is p-a-m-i, with p playing all of the "bass" notes. I recommend beginning practise of this exercise at a tempo of '50', then gradually pushing up the speed as you get comfortable with the technique. I play it at a tempo of about 150 in real life in my song "Mezcolanza" which can be heard in full here at WholeNotes mp3 section. As I point out in the "Fingerstyle Tremolo" lesson, this is in fact the Classical method of playing tremolo, the Flamenco method adds one more note thusly: p-i-a-m-i and is more difficult to master. This passage puts the fretting hand in different positions on the fretboard and works best if memorized.
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