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Paul Gilbert Technique

Agustn Mombelli (422) · [archive]
Style: Metal · Level: Intermediate · Tempo: 120
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Theres nothing wrong about playing fast or slow, Guitar is not about velocity, is about melody. If you can come up with a nice melody, doesnt matter if your playing clean, distorted, slow fast, with a nylon guitar guitar, or with a sax or any instrument.

Joe Satriani, for instance, is one of the virtuoso guitarrist who plays the most beautiful melodies, with no doubt he knows how to get real fast over the fretboard, but he use that skill only when necessary. say, I need you should be able to play fast if you need to, thats the reason guitar players need to do speed exercises. Satriani says that if someone can relate your solo like an exercise on a book, thats not fun at all.

Speed is just another weapon of your arsenal, the most important of all the weapons is good taste. Be smart using speed. Practice.

So, next lesson Im going to publish will be an entire Joe Satriani style lesson, with many many pages covering from licks, rare scales, octaves, legato, etc, to compositions tips. Stay tuned.

Memoricen todo, escalas, arpegios, acordes, patrones, cadencias, etc, Luego, olviden todo eso y toquen lo que sientan, auque eso sea slo una nota.